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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 13, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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flat section still moving. chp on scene, a sedan vs. an suv. they hope to have that out within the hour. we will follow that for you. on the golden gate bridge roadwork northbound one lane headed north, two lanes south chp going to assist, that should be picked pup in the next hour. we'll follow that. -- cold out this morning. here's mike. yes, it is, live doppler, good morning, it is clear that's why it is chilly this morning we do not have clouds the clouds that we have are very small not keeping temperatures up. we are off to a clear start as far as wet weather. temperatures flirting with frost santa rosa, napa,
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fairfield, i know there's frost in the east bay valleys, i had some on my car this morning, eric too, the reporting stations are at 36 and 37, 39 redwood city and los gatos. low to mid 40s the rest of the bay and coast. this afternoon dry mostly sunny, temperatures in the mid 50s. developing news from southern california. classes will resume at cal-state fullerton this morning after a manhunt put the campus in lock down mode for several hours. officers did not find the suspected robber. the man ran into the business school after a high speed freeway chase 4:00 yesterday around. he was one of five who robbed a pawnshop and jewelry store. police captured three, students barricaded themselves
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in classrooms until getting the all-clear around midnight. scary moments for a bicyclist who ended up trapped beneath a street sweeper in san francisco 12:30 this morning south of market. firefighters called for special units to pull the cyclist out he is expected to survive. san francisco police have launched a full into one of their own. sergeant could face discipline after stunning video of reckless driving went viral. terry mcsweeney is at the scene. >> reporter: this is where the incident occurred that was posted online many internal affairs of the san francisco police department, investigating the sergeant who posted it. it shows at least one law being broken. take a look at the video at the center of this. you are going to be seeing a
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vehicle racing through the broadway tunnel posted by the sergeant claiming to be going more than 100 miles per hour during the drive through the tunnel. he calls it the lamborghini makes it through in 16 seconds, limit of 35 it takes about 40 seconds. he is saying it is room than you think, plus we were all drunk. the mayor had this comment. >> violation of so many laws, also just in opposite to what a police officer is sworn to do, which is be somebody that is in charge of safety not endangering lives. >> reporter: sergeant carl t his legal name he changed it he told the san francisco weekly he was not driving the lamborghini he was in the middle of three in front of the car shooting the video. if the name rings a bell in 1993 he was assigned to the
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police 's detail accused of having sex with a woman in the police chief's vehicle. again, internal affairs is taking a look at sergeant t. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. a coroner in london is revealing new details about the death of that nurse who answered a hoax call about the duchess of cambridge. jacintha saldanha hung herself. she was reportedly found hanging by a scarf in her room at the london hospital where a pregnant kate middleton had been staying. also in the room several notes that are being reviewed by police. she was found friday, days after she took the prank call from the australian deejays, pretending to be the queen and prince charles. we are learning more about the man behind the portland mall shooting. 22-year-old jacob tyler roberts used a stolen rifle in tuesday's attack.
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15-year-old girl was seriously wounded and is in the hospital. roberts' ex-girlfriend told abc news he was typically happy but changed in the week before the shooting, quit his job, sold all his belongings and said he was moving to hawaii. she has no idea what set him off. police continue to try to find a motive. bank robber got away with a lot of cash. two photos released, this shows a man dressed in black robbing the chase branch in greenbrae wednesday 5:30 p.m.. the robber placed a bag on the counter handed the teller a note whatting money. anyone with information is urged to call twin cities pd. berkeley high teacher scheduled to be arraigned next weeks for lsd possession and drunk driving.
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police stopped 50 1-year-old on -- the 51-year-old for running a red late. he had just left a restaurant. police say he showed signs of intoxication. when he was booked he was carrying a both of breath mint that tested positive for lsd. he was hired by berkeley high in august for one year as fulltime independent study teacher. starting today bart increasing patrols and offering safety escorts at some stays more patrols downtown san francisco in the east bay teaming up with oakland police department to provide escorts at west oakland station many volunteers will be at that from 4 to 8 p.m. to escort passengers parked within three blocks. bart says patrols are intended to remind passengers to stay alert and aware of their belongings during this holiday season.
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governor brown intends to keep up his daily routine as he undergoes treatment for prostate cancer. his doctors caught the disease in its early stages. >> reporter: governor brown is undergoing radio therapy for prostate cancer with his office describing the condition as a localized prostate cancer. >> sounds like he has early stage disease, likely confined to the prostate meaning it was picked up before it had a chance to spread. >> reporter: the doctor is the medical director of radiation oncology. he interpreted the statement released by brown's oncologist as meaning the governor will undergo conventional external radiation therapy. he says likely five days a week he will have to report to a radiation treatment facility many he would lion the table of a linear accelerator and
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receive two to three minutes of -- ride kwraeugs with minimum impact on his health. >> they can keep up all activities as they go through the course some side effects may develop but they 10 to be mile. >> reporter: the same treatment jim went through. >> it couldn't be easier no side effects, i did not experience discomfort before, during or after. >> reporter: he went on to establish a website. one in six men will get prostate cancer, it is extremely prevalent right after skin cancer. governor brown underwent a procedure in april 2011 to remove skin cancer from his nose. the prognosis for his prostate cancer is excellent. >> he's going to handle it well it is not going to slow him down. >> reporter: leslie brinkley, abc7 news. high tides swamping the bay area. roads had to close in marin city the worst is yet to come.
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today the highest tide of the year is expected to hit, it is part of a phenomenon called king tide, 7.2 feet is expected near the golden gate bridge, more than 9 china feet near redwood city. amy hollyfield -- 9 1/2 feet near redwood city. amy hollyfield will join us live with how residents are preparing. >> mike will have more on the king tides as well. right now he's going to address the cold. king tide 10:34 this morning so be aware of that. visibility-wise a little fog around orinda, possibility moraga also novato, everybody else okay under a mostly clear sky. 30s and 40s, don't have much of a breeze,. north wet wind six at fairfield, east wind at eight at half moon bay and southwest wind at three at sfo fastest
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winds east wind at three at hayward. 30s inland at 7:00, low to mid 40s coast and bay, flirting with 50 mostly sunny sky at noon, low to mid 50s by 4:00, chilly this evening. mid to upper 40s. for the next couple of days settled pattern light rain system one tomorrow another weaker system saturday light rain dry sunday mid to upper 50s. good morning. starting san mateo bridge fatal accident this morning, westbound you can see brake light as preparing the highrise on the downward side of the highrise approaching foster city boulevard still blocking right lane, coroner on scene and fire trucks, minor slowing approaching the scene due to the hour, chp hopes to have that it off there by 5:30. again, westbound san mateo bridge blocking right lane
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downward side of the highrise. elsewhere bay bridge tolls light no issues into san francisco on upper deck looking good eastbound 4 loveridge to somers veillette lane shut with roadwork until 56 westbound good out of the antioch more roadwork eastbound and westbound 237 connector ramp to southbound 880 closed until 6 a.m., detour in place. 4:42. tech mogul john mcafee is waking up in the united states. what he's saying about the turn of events that brought him home. caltrans tries to give new bay bridge a pr boost. governor is saying no way. justice department says it has broken up a big international data theft ring accused of infecting 11 million computers, causing more than 800 million dollars in losses fbi says facebook
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helped the investigation. facebook making it easier for users to access privacy settings, lets users control who has access to their material. next generation blackberry? vietnamese website posted what it says are photos of the smartphone, keyboard replaced by full touch screen expect
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pioneer john mcafee waking up in the united states after hiding for weeks in central america. police in belize wanted to question him in a neighbor's murder. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. >> reporter: the newest posting on his blog is from his staff from overnight it asks the media respect his privacy. it looks like mcafee is working to get his 20-year-old girlfriend out of belize. several people have been offering to help him. right now mcafee is in miami at the beacon hotel he landed last night on a flight from guatemala. authorities deported him because he snuck into the country illegally from belize. authorities in belize want to talk to him about the murder of his neighbor there. he told reporters in miami last night that he would happily talk to officials from belize, if they came to the u.s.. when asked if he was worried about extradition to belize? he said no. >> i'm not worried if i'm in
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front of a court they will not me back i have tons of evidence about the corruption. >> reporter: mcafee has long blogged about police and government corruption in belize he says that is the reason he does not want to talk on their turf. he has not been charged with any crime and multiple agencies in the u.s. say there is no active arrest warrant. as to his state of mind passengers on his plane say he seemed calm. he told reporters at the hotel he no idea why he was in miami. he said he was looking forward to having fast food and sushi. katie marzullo, abc7 news. fire them what the governor told caltrans to do with a private firm. caltrans agreed to spend 9.8 million dollars to bring in outside pr people. governor's office was embarrassed because the high cost would look improper give the -- given the state's
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financial woes. 4:47. two weather events this morning one is the chilly temperatures the other the king tides. >> absolutely, 10:30 this morning, 11:30 tomorrow morning if you park in the bottom part of our parking deck, like i do, keep an eye on that. we've seen the affects here in our parking lot we saw other pictures. some people seem to think if global warming is a reality and the oceans are going to rise today and tomorrow is a good idea of what our shoreline might look like over the next couple of decades something to think about. 4:48 looking down from vollmer peak into emeryville towards san francisco, tkraeuls clear. live doppler -- [ inaudible ] frost inland valleys mid to
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upper 30s in most neighborhoods, 39 redwood city the cool spot around the bay shore low to mid 40s elsewhere los gatos 39. 30s in gilroy, watsonville, santa cruz low to mid 40s salinas and monterey. partly cloudy, cool and dry today. light rain tomorrow and saturday, may get a break sunday before more chances of light rain next week. temperatures held down well below average with low to mid 50s today mostly sunny. monterey bay mostly sunny, mid 50s here and as you head inland. chilly night, not as cold as this morning clouds on the increase, 30s inland. 30s and 40s bay shore to the coast, starting to see rain move into the north bay towards tomorrow's morning commute. here's the set-up, cold low
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pressure pulling away now we are on the back side, air coming from alaska down the coast into our neighborhoods. a fast moving jet stream with many ripples of energy. first 4:00 tomorrow morning light rain pushing into sonoma county, 7:00 except for east and south bay, valleys there should be getting light rain all of us get rain by the end of the morning commute, 9:00 through noon then quickly slides south by 5:00, evening festivities should be dry. saturday dry through 8:00 in the morning. noon rain starts to overspread our neighborhoods and hangs around through the evening hours. you are going to be wet friday and saturday, dire sunday. high tides today and tomorrow and the times. -- rainfall amounts a 10th to quarter inch tomorrow less saturday break sunday more chances of rain monday through
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wednesday. drove by through marin city yesterday during the king tide, very strange sight, it is going to happen again in morning highway 1 off-ramp to 101 will most likely be shutdown again today. san mateo bridge starting off with a fatal accident westbound right lane blocked downward side approaching foster city boulevard, starting to see a back-up westbound before highrise brake lights beginning here flat section moving, speeds of past the scene. marin consist south 101 past lucas valley road -- headlights moving southbound at the limit, no problems, a little improvement san mateo bridge with sensors showing 48 miles an hour and yellow, they were red they may be getting that cleared.
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eastbound and westbound ramp 237 to southbound 880 closed until 6:00 due to roadwork. secretary of state hillary clinton is set to testify on capitol hill next thursday on the libyan consulate attack. before that a state department accountability board is set to release their report. the attack killed four, including u.s. ambassador. the board is expected to consider whether enough attention was given to potential threats and how washington responded to security requests. republicans have criticized the obama administration for its flawed early public explanation of the attack. 4:50 two the big change you may hear today -- in the tv commercials you watch. plot to murder justin bieber. why a man
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of the google maps app is hitting apple devices this morning nearly three months after apple replaced google maps with its own mapping app which was plagued with wrong or missing information. google says the new iphone app is a major improvement. those annoying super loud commercials should be a thing of the past. starting today new law says tv commercials can be no louder than the programs in which they appear it is called the calm act. the law govern broadcasters, cable and satellite operators, suspected vials can be reported to the fcc on its website. -- i think mike's forecast should be made louder than what we say. >> i'm sure mike agrees. first traffic there's a serious accident on the san mateo bridge. we have a fatal accident this morning, westbound san mateo bridge, after the
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highrise downward side approaching foster city boulevard, suv and sedan, 4 morning, pronounced the fatality and it is still blocking right lane, we are beginning to see a back-up westbound past the flat section as you approach highrise and that hopefully chp giving us estimated time of 5:30 to have that clear. hopefully that will not affect your commute later this morning. golden gate bridge southbound, one lane because of roadwork in the northern part of the span should be picked up by 5:30 this morning light as you make your way out of waldo tunnel. san mateo bridge speeds picked up traffic starting to flow better. maybe they have that partially cleared. cold out there, here's mike with your forecast. 30s and 40s, frost inland valleys. good morning. thankfully winds light no wind chill. in the afternoon, temporarily put away the wet weather gear and grab the glasses, mostly
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sunny, jacket and sweater weather, low to mid 50s. a few snow showers in the sierra, a little snow in the grapevine that will be gone by the time you get there, if you are leaving now rain around l.a. and san diego in the afternoon it will hang around san diego and palm springs l.a. will start to clear out, low 60s there 30 in tahoe, 42 yosemite. have you heard about this? police say they have stopped a plot to murdering justin bieber. police identified the suspected mastermind as dana martin convicted killer in prison in new mexico he has an image of bieber tattooed on his leg he plotted to kill him after his attempts to contact the singer failed. the hitmen were on their way to new york to kill bieber when they miss add exit they ended up at the -- at the
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canadian board are where they were detained. breaking news on san mateo bridge, fatal accident that may cause problems for the morning commute. sue is following the information she will buy it to you in a few minutes -- she will bring it to you in a few minutes. [ inaudible ]
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breaking news on the san mateo bridge where there's been a fatal accident sue is following that. it happened 4:00 this


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